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Linear actuator designed for high precision, rigidity and robust performance.


The MUK Series linear actuator is designed for high precision, rigidity and robust performance. The ball screw driven system handles high loads and is designed with two precisely-aligned recirculating ball profile rail guideways. The single carriage version has two bearing blocks, while the dual carriage version has four bearing blocks and can handle up to 11200 N (2500 lbs).

MUK linear actuator PBCPreventative maintenance is easy with the manifold lubrication system of the MUK Series. This unique feature channels lubrication directly to the bearings and vital parts of the unit, without disassembly of the actuator. The system also includes built-in stainless steel scrapers, which are designed to seal out dust and contamination. Additionally, an air valve feature provides positive air pressure to keep particles out or a vacuum can be created to pull particles out.

The MUK Series linear actuator is ideal for applications requiring high dynamic loads or large moment loads. It is also build to stand up in the most challenging environments. Whether it is for packaging, material handling, inspection equipment, medical devices—the MUK Series is an ideal solution.

  • Class 7 ball screw standard
  • Incorporates two 20 mm profile rail guideways with recirculating ball blocks
  • Single or dual carriage option
  • Loads up to 11200 N (2500 lbs)
  • Standard t-slots for easy installation and sensor mounting
  • Max stroke = 1500 mm

The MUK Series is a natural addition to the Mechatronics Enabled (ME) product line.

Download the MUK Series linear actuator datasheet here.

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