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Moog Animatics was founded in 1987 with the aim to offer real intelligent motion solutions, instead of simple motors. This resulted in a whole range of intelligent motors with an integrated controller called SmartMotor TM, consisting of a servo motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, RS232/RS485 communication, and I/Os. With this new formula, Animatics made advanced, decentralised motion applications possible, which can be deployed throughout the supply chain.

Animatics’ SmartMotor TM intelligent servomotors are equipped with 2 different connector styles. The D-style SmartMotors come with a primary RS232 comm port, 7 5V TTL NON-ISOL I/O channels, a dedicated encoder out and optionally 10 additional 24VDC ISOL I/O channels. The M-style SmartMotors have a primary RS485 comm port, 11 general 24V ISOL I/O channels, a dedicated encoder bus and DRV-ENBL In and NOT-FAULT Out. So the Animatics SmartMotors can be seamlessly applied in any motion application.

D-style connectors

  • All D-Style SmartMotors have a primary RS232 comm port
  • All D-style SmartMotors have 7 5V TTL NON-ISOL I/O channels
  • Optional 10 24VDC ISOL I/O extended channels
  • Dedicated encoder out

M-style connectors

  • All M-style SmartMotors have a primary RS485 comm port
  • All M-style SmartMotors have 11 24V ISOL I/O channels for general purpose use
  • Dedicated DRV-ENBL In and NOT-FAULT Out
  • Dedicated encoder bus

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