Copley Controls

Driven by innovation and committed to providing cutting-edge automation and manufacturing solutions

Copley Controls is Eltrex Motion’s supplier of controllers, drives and related accessories and software. This U.S. manufacturer is dedicated to providing OEMs with an extra boost in motor performance through advanced tuning, commutation algorithms, made possible by state-of-the-art DSP technology. Copley Controls provides all building blocks, from networked amplifiers for distributed control to traditional torque amplifiers for stepper and servo motors.

In addition to this product range, Copley Controls provides configuration and control software for motion applications. The Copley drive configuration software is a very intuitive package of powerful diagnostic tools with a built-in, user-friendly indexer. For more complex applications, Copley even has its own flexible high-level programming language for customizing and debugging installations. In addition, network software tools are available, allowing any multi-axis application to be configured quickly and easily. Copley source code is used to control both EtherCAT and CANopen implementations, making migration to EtherCAT simple and without any problems.

Copley Controls

  • Digital Drives & Controllers
  • Analog Amplifiers
  • Ruggedized Digital Drives
  • Configuration & Control Software
  • Custom OEM Solutions
  • CAN Tools

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