Motor Power Company

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Motor Power Company (Castelnovo Sotto, Italy) develops and produces innovative and high quality engines and servo motors. The engineering department of Eltrex Motion, together with Motor Power Company, can take responsibility for your mechatronics problem and offer an appropriate solution.

Three main groups form the basis of the delivery program:

  • Brushless motors
  • Direct-drive motors
  • Direct current motors

Visit the website of Motor Power Company for more information.

Brushless (AC) and DC Motors

Since 2007 Eltrex Motion is the official partner in the Benelux of Motor Power Company. Motor Power Company’s know-how in developing and producing direct-drive, brushless and DC motors has led to a series of highly reliable motors. These are both rotary and linear motors with a feedback organ suitable for your application.

Examples are

  • Hall sensors
  • incremental encoders
  • interpolating analog encoders
  • absolute encoders
  • tacho generators

The rotating motors can be factory fitted with a deceleration, (safety) holding brake and thermal sensor to protect the motor. If desired, a cable set – with or without connectors suitable for the amplifier – can be supplied.

Brushless motors


A range of brushless servomotors that achieve an exceptionally high power density thanks to their special construction. Other features include excellent efficiency, high reliability and high longevity. The wide range of windings and options such as delays and feedback bodies contribute to the versatility of this series.

  • 0.16 – 8.5 Nm
  • Winding for sinusoidal commutation
  • Nominal speed 3000 rpm
  • Max speed 6000 rpm
  • 8 pole motor with NdFeB magnets
  • IP 65 protection class
  • Class F insulation system
  • Feedback: Resolver, SinCos encoder,
    TTL encoder, Hall sensors, absolute encoders
  • Option: brake, attached deceleration
  • UL / CSA, CE certified

Download TETRA COMPACT specification sheet
Download datasheet TETRA COMPACT

TETRA series

The TETRA series consists of a series of brushless servo motors with excellent efficiency and high available torque. The TETRA series are excellent for high precision positioning applications with frequent changes in speed and torque. Due to the patented design of the rotor two mass inertia are available within the same design.

  • 0.25 – 60 Nm
  • winding for sinusoidal or trapezoidal commutation
  • NdFeB magnets
  • IP 65 protection class
  • Class F insulation system
  • Feedback: Resolver, Encoder + Hall sensors, Hall sensors
  • CE certified

Download datasheet TETRA (trapezium)
Download datasheet TETRA (sine)

Direct - Drive Motors

SKA RT series:

The motors of the RT series offer a wear-free solution with high torque and high accuracy. Can also be used as a generator, such as in windmills.

  • Couples up to 2,400 Nm
  • Speeds up to 1,400 rpm
  • Positioning accuracy ±25 to 11 arcseconds


  • Indexing tables
  • Manipulators
  • Labelling and packaging machines
  • Paper or foil pickups and unwinders

Download datasheet SKA RT


SKA DDR Series:

Multi-pole brushless direct-drive servomotors with extremely high torque and excellent positioning properties. These properties are difficult to achieve with conventional systems. The advantages: no mechanical parts in the transmission, significant time and cost savings in machine maintenance and proven reduction in energy consumption. The SKA DDR series is available in a Power Pack version and includes the SKA DDR motor with mounting flange, bearing, feedback and aluminum housing.

  • 2 – 760 Nm
  • Thermal protection (clixon)
  • NdFeB magnets
  • Class F insulation system
  • IP65 protection class (Power Pack version)
  • Feedback: resolver, incremental and absolute encoders, Hall sensors
  • CE certified

Download specification sheet SKA DDR
Download datasheet SKA DDR

SKA DDL Series:

Direct-drive linear motors based on iron-core technology. The SKA DDL series offers concrete solutions and reaches a level of performance previously impossible with conventional systems such as ball screws and toothed belts. The direct-drive technology leads to exceptional results in dynamics, performance, positioning accuracy. SKA DDL is available as a linear stage version, ready for installation in machines.

  • 40 – 2400N
  • speeds up to 5 m/s
  • accelerations up to 50 m/s²
  • NdFeB magnets
  • Feedback: SinCos encoder, TTL encoder, optical and magnetic absolute encoders, Hall sensors
  • CE certified

Download specification sheet SKA DDL
Download datasheet SKA DDL


The SKA COMPACT series combines the performance of direct-drive technology with easy installation in a complete, easy to assemble extruded aluminium housing. This iron-core linear servo motor has a high power density and is well suited for applications where high positioning accuracy at a high frequency is required. The advantages: no mechanical backlash and mechanical elasticity as with conventional systems and lower energy consumption due to higher overall efficiency.

  • 58 – 1600 N
  • speed up to 5 m/s
  • accelerations up to 50 m/s²
  • Accuracy 0.01 – 0.1 mm
  • NdFeB magnets
  • Feedback: SinCos encoder, TTL optical and magnetic encoder, Hall sensors
  • CE certified

Download specification sheet SKA COMPACT
Download datasheet SKA COMPACT

Direct Current Motors

PENTA series

A range of DC motors with favorable properties in terms of power, reliability and longevity. Using high quality materials, the PENTA series is ideal for speed controlled applications. Available with a wide range of windings, as well as various mechanical configurations and options, the PENTA series is flexible and adaptable to a very wide range of applications.

  • 45 – 1500 Watt
  • IP54 protection class
  • Class F insolvency system
  • Permanent magnets (Ferrite)
  • Copper-silver commutator
  • Options: tacho generator, brake, encoder
  • CE certified

Download specification sheet PENTA
Download datasheet PENTA

ROK series:

A range of worm and planetary gearmotors with attached DC motor, with exceptional durability, wear resistance and small dimensions. Equipped with a hardened and ground worm and worm wheel. The planetary gearboxes are produced with a hardened steel shaft and carburized / hardened steel or plastic housing, resulting in a lower noise level.

  • 45 – 250 Watt
  • Worm wheel with aluminum housing
  • Different couplings and flanges available
  • CE certified

Download datasheet ROK

ESA Series:

Advanced mechanical design and recognized technology make the ESA series a reliable and durable product. The ESA series can be overloaded for short periods of time and has a good circulation, even at low speeds. A collector with a large number of fins and a built-in tachogenerator ensure minimal speed variation, even at high torques.

  • 0.32 – 15 Nm
  • inbuilt tachogenerator
  • Options: brake, encoder
  • IP54 protection class
  • Minimum cogging
  • CE certified

Download ESA specification sheet
Download datasheet ESA