Motors and Solutions

In 2007, the Italian company Siboni celebrated its first 50 years of existence. Founded in 1957 by Enzo and Ivo Siboni, the company has focused from the very beginning on the development and production of synchronous motors and planetary gears. Now, led by the second generation of Siboni, the company is expanding its product range and presence in international markets. With Siboni, Eltrex Motion offers a wide range of servo motors, BLDC motors and drives.

Siboni Classic

  • DC ferrite servo motors
  • DC servo NdFeB motors
  • Planetary decelerations
  • Traction DC motors

Siboni Evolution

  • MOD Line AC brushless motors with conventional winding
  • PRO Line AC brushless motors with concentrated winding
  • Dia Line AC brushless torque motors
  • PRO NXT combination of PRO Line AC brushless motors with NXT Gear decelerations
  • NXT Gear planetary gearboxes

Siboni Solution

  • PRO Line3 AC brushless motors with RE Line precision planetary gearbox and PRO Line digital driver
  • PRO LAB1 brushless motor with delay and integrated driver
  • LC³ DC servo motor solution

Visit the website of Siboni for more information.