Linear Drive in Packaging

Reliable – Clean – Quiet – Simple

When designing packaging machines, an ideal balance is often sought between performance, lifespan and cost. So it’s not always about the most accurate, detailed, fastest and cheapest solution. This is why electric linear drives offer added value for packaging machines. Not only because energy consumption is lower but also because they require less maintenance.

Pneumatic or hydraulic solutions are often chosen when building packaging machines because they are the best known solutions. The necessary piping often has to be installed, which is certainly more expensive for maintenance. And achieving feedback is difficult both hydraulically as well as pneumatically.

In addition, hydraulic systems run the risk of oil leaks, which is highly undesirable, especially in the food industry, and they produce quite a lot of noise. In pneumatics, air leakage can cause higher energy consumption and it is essential to keep moisture out of the air when installing equipment. That can lead to unexpected maintenance costs that will not occur with electrically driven linear systems.

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