Competence Center

Eltrex Motion has its own production and configuration department. For our customers who want to have various requested components supplied (partially) assembled. But we go beyond that. After all, a thorough quality system should not be lacking, neither should clear documentation. As a result, we are able to carry out any proposed customisation and adjustments in-house. Furthermore, the department is only accessible to our employees meaning your products are in safe hands.

Configuration & Assembly

Eltrex Motion’s Competence Center offers all the facilities for assembling and installing the various components of your motion application. Will you supply the parts for your application yourself? Then we can assemble these for you, which can further streamline your production process. The complete configuration can also be provided with a unique product code to ensure traceability.

We document every step in the production process and register who produced what, where and with what, so that everything is traceable. If required, we can also provide a report, which is also part of the constant optimisation of our processes, according to the LEAN methodology used throughout our company.

We have fully equipped workspaces for electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics and software installation.

We work exclusively with calibrated tools and in full compliance with all ESD guidelines, so that we can realise every customer requirement in accordance with the required specifications. Our people on the shop floor have the right competencies to produce your end product with the proper care and at the right quality.

Testing & Control

Our quality starts with our partners and suppliers. During a thorough entrance inspection, the visual aspects of deliveries are taken into account, after which a First Article Inspection (FAI) follows.
Interim checks are a matter of course for us. After production, the final inspection takes place, which is recorded in a quality report (QC). Processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001, in which track & trace is an important part. We measure, monitor and control various KPIs, such as lead times and principles such as First Time Right. Because we’re convinced there’s always room for improvement.