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Designing an application solution for wind turbines

Wind turbines are rotating machines that convert the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy which in turn is converted into electricity. In this application solution, the servo drives control the motor blades which continuously change their angle with respect to the flow of the wind in order to maintain a constant rotational speed.

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Servo Drives for Harsh Environment

Servo drives that endure any environment, any application. Extreme durability, meticulous power management, and high precision of movement, are essential attributes for developing high-performance, reliable industrial, commercial or military applications.

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Faster, easier and safer for the optimal drive solution

bMotion is a completely innovative modular drive platform of DC motors, gear boxes, brakes and encoders. Maximum modularity, easy combinability and a large number of predefined variants create drive solutions that are optimally tailored to customers´ needs.

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The Encoders of Precizika Metrology

Encoders manufactured by Precizika Metrology take advantage of photoelectric technology operating on the principle of light modulation or magnetic technology using a combination of permanent magnets and magnetic sensors to detect movement and position.

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Powerful spring-applied tooth brake as an alternative to the conventional permanent magnet brake

The rapidly growing robotics market, as well as other demanding industries, requires drive components with increasingly higher power densities and safety functions. In order to meet these challenges in a targeted manner, Mönninghoff offers a particularly space-saving yet very powerful electromagnetic spring-applied tooth brake as the perfect alternative to conventional permanent magnetic brakes.

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