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Innovative compact geared brushless motor revolutionizes agricultural robotics

PMW Dynamics, a leading pioneer in advanced engineering solutions, proudly unveils its latest innovation. The IG9190, specifically designed for driving agricultural robotic applications. This cutting-edge gearbox represents a significant leap forward in the realm of precision farming, offering unparalleled efficiency and performance in developing autonomous robotic vehicles.

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New Electrak XD series from Thomson

With Electrak XD, electric linear actuators have taken an evolutionary leap as this model has ushered actuation technology into a realm once ruled by hydraulic systems. The Thomson Electrak XD is strong enough to take on hydraulic applications while, at the same time, this series is smarter, smaller and more efficient than competitive technologies.

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Moog Animatics Introduces Class 6 D-style SmartMotor™

Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the launch of its new Class 6 D-style SmartMotor range. This new SmartMotorTM expands the capabilities of the already highly programmable servosystem, integrating motor, multiturn absolute encoder, amplifier, and controller along with a range of communication options. The new Class 6D provides a smaller footprint, a lower total cost, and a simplicity of design hard to match on the market.

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Torque limiter SecMatic Plus Type 588 of Mönninghoff

The SecMatic Plus torque limiter is specially designed to protect and meet the high values of high-tech machines and systems. The torque guarantees a long-life cycle and is transmitted without backlash. It provides a high functional reliability.

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Eltrex launches in France

The success of Eltrex Motion in the Benelux is being continued in France. On 1rst of July 2022 Eltrex France was officially launched. The new company is led by Coen Waltman, also Director of Eltrex Motion in the Benelux. Marc Rea will be responsible for sales in France.

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