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Vaxtractor draws up 250 syringes an hour

Large-scale vaccination campaigns involve complex logistical processes. For example, healthcare workers not only have to administer the shots, but also fill the syringes. This “drawing up” is a time-consuming and expensive job that must be done with the utmost precision. Atlas can help in this with its Vaxtractor that can draw up 250 syringes an hour with pinpoint accuracy.

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Eltrex Motion joins Brainport Industries

Eltrex Motion has joined Brainport Industries. “Brainport Industries is a leading global open supply chain for high-tech companies, and has the ambition to develop and grow further. We are happy to contribute to that development,” says Coen Waltman, Director of Eltrex Motion.

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Coming Soon – Platinum Cimbasso

The Platinum Cimbasso is a high power density Servo Drive providing top performance, Functional Safety, advanced networking, as well as a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence.

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Integrated Servo Motors for Mobile Robots

At the heart of robot locomotion are electric motors that power the main drive motors for forward/ reverse motion as well as steering. Electric motors also are used for material handling axes for lifting, clamping, and engaging the payload during transfer to different locations.

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Master controller FCT640 modular

For industrial motion control, CMZ provides FCT640 programmable plc controller: a new generation, modular, compact and high performing system based on CODESYS 3.5 with integrated I/Os. Its technological soul is fully conceived and developed by CMZ.

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