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Sanovo puts packages in the right position with Eltrex motor set

Sanovo’s egg grading machines can inspect and grade hundreds of thousands of eggs per hour and make sure that the eggs end up in the right packaging, while retaining the possibility of tracing the origin of each individual egg. Together with Eltrex Motion, Sanovo designed a new motor concept that ensures the packaging is always in the right position on the conveyor.

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M2DC series DC Low-Voltage & M2DV series Servo Motors

M2DC Series Low-Voltage Servo Motors with DC winding are designed for high-performance applications. Rated for 24-80 VDC input and powered by M2DC series DC servo drive. M2DV Series AC Servo Motors are designed for high-performance applications and powered by M2DV series servo drive.

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New “all in one” multi-axis drive from Galil

Galil is proud to introduce a new “all in one” multi-axis drive for the DMC-41×3 and DMC-40×0 product families. This all in one drive module is perfect for customers who want to have the ability to use one configuration in multiple applications or mix and match motors on the same bank of drives.

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Elmo Motion Control Platinum line of safe servo drives

A natural evolution of Elmo’s award-winning Gold line, the new line is designed to meet OEMs’ growing needs for safer, smarter, smaller and faster servo drives with higher functionality. It provides an unmatched solution for applications requiring the highest-quality motion.

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