bMotion - your one stop solution for versatile drives

bMotion is Bühler Motor’s new initiative for a completely innovative platform of DC motors, gear boxes, brakes and encoders, which fit perfectly together. This makes bMotion exceptional compared to existing solutions on the market; but there is even more that makes bMotion a competitive solution.

bMotion is a highly modular and easy-to-combine drive platform consisting of countless predefined variants. Within this new product line are pre-validated and market specific combinations, now available to new and existing customers. With this new platform, Bühler Motor offers excellent application support and fixed lead times for samples, pre-series parts, and series parts. This process creates added value for the customer and makes bMotion a seamless customer service experience.

The customer already experiences benefits in the development phase. The advantage with bMotion our customers will get visibility into the wide spectrum of solutions. Different drives in a customer’s application can be selected from Bühler as a single source. Similarly, drive combinations for unique market requirements are also available.

Furthermore, the main benefit for our customers is the drive solution does not need to be developed customer specific but the solution can be configured to each customer’s requirements (configure-to-order). This decreases our customer’s development and implementation timing as well as their costs.

Lastly, it does not matter what customization is required e.g. windings, pinions as well as special shaft length, EMC suppression and temperature sensors are all customizable.

To cover the increased need for predictive maintenance, temperature sensors are available for condition monitoring. To offer such flexibility paired with fixed lead times, Bühler Motor implemented new processes to realize this goal for new and existing customers.

Likewise, Bühler completely changed over to a digital order management system, which allows for fast, efficient processing of orders, and creates a production environment that is resourceful. This way lot sizes down to 200 pieces can be handled. In addition, this advanced manufacturing concept includes full traceability of materials, process values, and motor performance data.