Cable reels electric & Fluidic rotary joints

Slip ring

There are heaps of cable reel typologies, from simple applications for domestic use to the complex ones of harbours and offshore oil platforms.

The common link, regardless the final application, is the use of a Slip Ring. Cable reels usually transmit power and electric signals, data and different kind of fluids; instead, in case of high frequency signals, high data rate or where a low bit error rate (BER) is required, the proper result is achieved with a fibre optic rotary joint.

Eltrex Motion’s product range includes electric, fluidic, fibre optic and combined (electric + fluidic + optical) rotary joints. There are 2 types of cable reels, spring-loaded and motorised ones. In the latter case, an electric motor carries out the cables winding and unwinding operations.

In addition, for potentially explosive atmosphere applications, Eltrex Motion is able to supply explosion-proof ATEX EX certified Electric Rotary Joints.