Feather Shaft And Feather Rail For Medical Magnetic Applications

Feather Shaft And Feather Rail For Medical Magnetic Applications

The global population is growing and so are our health care developments. More medical researches are possible due to new innovations. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Robotic Navigation are available for detailed body scans and atrial fibrillation ablation. These applications are magnetic applications, which require special suitable RST products, such as non-magnetic components, simplicity aluminium plain bearings and feather shafting/ rail.

PBC Linear offers a lighter weight alternative to hardened steel or stainless steel linear shafting and support rail assemblies. Feather Shaft and Feather Rail are aluminum alloy base materials with a hard coat to which weld splatter, paints, and other contaminants will not stick. They are a great solution for applications requiring non-magnetic materials.

Product Features Of The Feather Shaft And Rail:

– Offers high load carrying capacity due to integral design
– Predrilled mounting holes offer easy mounting solution, also available without mounting holes
– Aluminum alloy base material for lighter weight
– Rc70 ceramic coated finish for corrosion resistance
– Non-magnetic and vibration resistant
– Economical alternative to traditional shaft/rail assemblies