Integrated Servomotors Are On The Road To Success

With The HFI Series, ENGEL Has Created Its Highest-Performance Electrical Actuators Ever.

The synchronous actuators in the HFI series from ENGEL Elektroantriebe are a compact actuator solution, suitable for a wide range of uses, with one or more axles in food, transport and mixing technologies. Fitted with integrated control electronics and an STO safety function, they are available in rated speeds of up to approximately 600 watts, with rated torques of up to 1.8 Nm.

The HFI series is of interest for system engineers as well as automation technicians or systems integrators, because it is an efficient, compact actuator solution for applications with one or more axles in special machine construction, in food technologies, in intralogistics or in other industrial settings. This latest series consists of synchronous actuators in four sizes with integrated control electronics. These are available in flange sizes of 47, 55, 65 and 75 mm, and in two lengths for each size. The series includes rated speeds of up to 600 watts, with a maximum rated torque of 1.8 Nm. For a brief interval, twice the rated torque is available for acceleration. HFIs from ENGEL Elektroantriebe are also renowned for their impressive array of functions, offering numerous options to developers and designers. Particularly relevant are their compatibility with numerous industrial fieldbus systems and the optional Safe Torque-Off (STO) function integrated into the drive.

Flexibele Oplossing Voor Servo Technologie

The compact synchronous motors of the HFI series are based on the proven HBI series from ENGEL Elektroantriebe. Compared with their predecessors, the HFIs offer 10 to 15% more power and torque, depending on their size, as well as expanded options for fieldbus communications. These devices can be integrated into many networks, including EtherCAT, CANopen, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP.

The Safe Torque-Off (STO) safety feature is a suitable option for safety-related applications in which general safety hazards or hazards to the machine operator or system must be fully eliminated.

This optional electrical safety feature, which can be installed into any HFI model, includes two redundant channels and meets the SIL-3 criteria under DIN EN 61508. It also reaches performance level [e] Cat 3 under DIN EN 13849. When the safety feature is activated, the current to the actuator is cut within 20 ms, completely stopping the generation or torque as well as preventing hazardous movements of the actuator or corresponding equipment. The STO inputs are also suitable for pulses from OSSD outputs. The means that safety equipment with related diagnostic functions can be directly connected and operated without the use of conventional electromechanical safety switches.

A potential-free status output indicates the status of the safety feature, also enabling the cyclical function test of the two input channels.

The optional STO safety module makes it easy to meet the necessary safety requirements. It eliminates the need for conventional electromechanical switchgear, reduces costs and also frees up space inside the switch box.

Séries Fiche technique Vitesse nominale
jusqu’à [tr/m]
Couple nominal
jusqu’à [Nm]
Dimension des brides
[mm x mm]
HFI 22 4.000 0,38 47 x 47
HFI 26 3.000 0,61 55 x 55
HFI 32 3.000 1,4 65 x 65
HFI 37 3.000 1,8 75 x 75

Product Features:

– Peripheral functioning, suitable for multiple applications
– Compact, powerful design
– CANopen®, EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP
– STO functional safety feature
– High-resolution encoder and sinusoidal power source
– Multiple configurations possible
– Available with epicyclic gearing and holding brakes