IVT Equals Cost Savings

Within this article Eltrex Motion, official distributor of PBC Linear in the Netherlands, would like to share this interesting customer case with you. The problem that their customer experienced was: for building high performance cross-seamers a painstaking alignment process was required for the overhead linear guide systems. By using PBC Linear’s IVT, the system assembly time got reduced dramatically, components were eliminated and the precision was increased.

Thermoplastic Fiber Manufacturer Reduces System Assembly Time

Utilizing extreme heat to weld a wide variety of thermoplastic fabrics, Miller Weldmaster, an Ohio-based manufacturer of thermoplastic fibers, provides innovative products to a range of industries, including: inflatable materials, truck covers, banners, lawn furniture and more. These fabrics are seamed together using Miller Weldmaster’s line of high performance cross-seamers. Due to a painstaking alignment process for overhead linear guide systems, Miller Weldmaster needed a solution that used less components while increasing precision.

The PBC Linear Solution

PBC Linear’s Integral V™ Technology (IVT) was the answer. IVT can be mounted in either upright or inverted position without losing load capacity, and ideal for many applications. Mounted inversely, the Integral V rail allows the cross-seamer to travel along a highly accurate linear path for very precise welding. Standard rail systems are typically more expensive and require careful alignment and quality assurance for optimum performance. They also require several mounting components and fixtures along the rail for precise mounting, leading to additional production costs and alignment time.

IVT circumvents the pitfalls of the older linear guides with new design improvements and machining techniques. PBC Linear’s proprietary SIMO™ process ensures flat surfaces, tight tolerances and rigid guidance. Using concurrent milling, SIMO machines all critical edges of an aluminum extrusion in one quick pass—eliminating the extrusions natural inaccuracies of bow, warp, twist and cambor. Hardened steel inserts are embedded into the specially designed extrusion for smooth, repeatable travel of the IVT carriage. The end result is the next generation of linear guide systems, IVT significantly reduces mounting components, fasteners and alignment installation time while ensuring precise linear motion travel at a lower total installed cost.

Results / ROI

Armed with PBC Linear’s Integral V technology, Miller Weldmaster has been able to cut assembly time by 60%, reduce labor and production costs, and increase accuracy in their line of cross-seamers.

Customer Case IVT of PBC Linear