PBC Linear: UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

A new solution for oil-free, smooth and quiet linear motion, the Low Profile Uni-Guide (UGA) maintains the proven advantages of the standard two-piece Uni-Guide in a simple, compact assembly. Optimal for contaminated environments and clean rooms. Rail and carriage excel in demanding extremes including a wide range of temperatures, heavy particulates, wash-down environments, and extreme vibrations.

UGA has a very compact design: it has a 24 mm height. Its self-lubricating liner provides low wear, high load capacities and maintenance-free operation, which gives it a performance advantage. There is no metal to metal contact, which results in vibration damping and shock resistance. It also eliminates the possibility of catastrophic failure.

PBC Linear’s patent pending milling operation creates a precision machined rail and carriage surface resulting in tight tolerances and alignment accuracy. The pre-drilled tapped holes and t-slots provide mounting flexibility and ease of assembly.

The UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide is suitable for extremely short stroke applications.

Product Features:
– Wash Down Optimized
– Product Interchangeable
– Mounting Flexibility
– Splatter Proof