Redi-Rail Linear Guides; 4-wheel and 5-wheel carriage option

PBC Linear has expanded the already popular Redi-Rail® line of linear guidance components. This means that all of our metric Redi-Rail sizes now have a 4-wheel and 5-wheel carriage option. These product extensions will offer our customers more benefits in terms of design flexibility, higher load ratings, and the potential for substantial cost-savings.

Regarding increased load capabilities, it is important to understand how the addition of rollers affects load capabilities, and which rollers support the load based on the relative position to the slider assembly. What this means for the customer is, while the load rating can increase significantly when adding rollers, in certain instances the values will not change when going from a 3-roller to 4-roller carriage due to the makeup of loaded and unloaded rollers.

The added flexibility of multiple roller options can save money in designs where a single 4- or 5-roller slider can take the place of two 3-roller sliders. In some cases that savings can approach 25%. Another advantage is that the rail will likely be shorter in most designs due to the reduction in space taken by a single slider as opposed to two sliders.

For more detailed information on load capacities download the CRT Product Catalog to find specifications on all Redi-Rail products.