The New 2 Phase Encapsulated Stepper Motors

The New 2 Phase Encapsulated Stepper Motors

Moons industries has specially developed an ultra-thin stepper motor for applications with limited space. Based on the well-known hybrid technology, the mechanical design of a nema 14/23 motor has been optimized. Thanks to new production tools, the stepper motor can be produced in a thinner way, with a higher torque and a decreased heat dissipation. The new encapsulation technology of Moons enables the stepper motors to have large ball bearing design, which increase motor load and extends motor working life. Other benefits from the newly designed stepper motors are:

Download: 2 phase encapsulated stepper motors (pdf)

– 23% more holding torque compared to traditional aluminum flange (endbell) motor
– Higher efficiency caused low temperature rise
– Reduced motor vibration and improved operation positioning accuracy
– Extended motor working life due to large ball bearing design
– Available in multiple dimensions: nema 14/23
– Minimal thickness of 12.8mm

The benefits of the 2 phase encapsulated stepper motor are very suitable for feeder systems in the semiconductor market. The advanced technology is also applicable for applications with limited space. Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities? Click here for more product details.