Moog Animatics Introduces Class 6 D-style SmartMotor™

Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the launch of its new Class 6 D-style SmartMotor range. This new SmartMotorTM expands the capabilities of the already highly programmable servosystem, integrating motor, multiturn absolute encoder, amplifier, and controller along with a range of communication options including USB, dual port Industrial Ethernet (EtherCAT®, PROFINET®, Ethernet IP) along with the traditional RS-232/RS-485, and CAN connections.

“The new Class 6D provides a smaller footprint, a lower total cost, and a simplicity of design hard to match on the market. This allows significant reductions in machine development costs and build times,” says Ray Walsh, General Manager of Moog Animatics. “The advantages provided by this new product range can make the difference in the design of new applications as well as allowing an easy retrofit of existing ones.”

“As the industry leading provider of fully integrated controllers, Moog Animatics is constantly improving the performance of its SmartMotor. The introduction of the Class 6D extends the power range to 1kW and provides higher torque density in the same compact package of previous series. This increased capability combined with the additional benefits associated with industrial ethernet connectivity and multi-turn absolute encoder sets the SmartMotors apart from competitors,” says Walsh.


• Absolute multi-turn battery-less encoder
• Wider ambient operating temperature range (-20° to 100° C)
• Industry standard 24 VDC I/O
• Separate 24 V supply for logic backup
• NEMA 17, 23 and 34 frame sizes
• Inline brake options for all models
• Easy connection to diagnostics over USB
• Combitronic™ technology is standard