Elmo Motion Control Platinum line of safe servo drives

Delivering industry-leading servo performance and functional safety, Platinum servo drives address today’s most demanding applications

A natural evolution of Elmo’s award-winning Gold line, the new line is designed to meet OEMs’ growing needs for safer, smarter, smaller and faster servo drives with higher functionality. It provides an unmatched solution for applications requiring the highest-quality motion, in medical, robotics, material handling, semiconductor, laser processing, printing, and inspection, and for other applications in various industries.

The Platinum line features ultra-fast EtherCAT networking and processing, delivering faster cycling and higher synchronization, with negligible jitters and near-zero latency. The higher processing power enables faster data handling, a larger memory and an endless real-time recorder, supporting high performance applications.

Additionally, Platinum servo drives hold the highest-level functional safety certifications (IEC 61800-5-2 SIL-3, Cat4 PL-e), and have a comprehensive set of smart functional safety features, including over-the-network safety and optional rich safety I/Os, supported by Elmo’s advanced safety software. The Platinum line includes one of the world’s smallest Functional Safety and Functional Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)-certified servo drives.

Platinum Line Highlights

  • Best-In-Class servo performance
  • World’s smallest servo technology to feature functional safety and safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)
  • Higher bandwidth, faster response, enhanced linearity, and highest control resolutions
  • Ultra-efficient EtherCAT with cycling down to 100µ, high synchronization with negligible jitters and near-zero latency
  • Added feedback support: up to three simultaneously, or two absolute feedbacks
  • High processing power with large memory resources for better control, enhanced processing, and real-time recording

Elmo Motion Control Platinum line of safe servo drives