Thomson Micron

Linear Motion Optimized

Customers are often looking for the most rapid, most robust, most accurate and/or most cost efficient solution to a motion issue. The solution can be found in the right balance between performance, lifetime and cost. With the products of Thomson Linear, Eltrex Motion is able to provide an ideal solution.

All gears are self-lubricating and can tolerate high radial loads. The extensive range of gear ratios makes it easy to adjust the inertia ratio, creating a stable and controllable servo system.

Two important techniques that can be found in almost all gears:

  • Redimount™ motor mounting system for easy attachment of the gearbox to the motor
  • PowerTRUE™ 90 technology, a unique design of the teeth for higher torque density

Eltrex Motion is happy to take care of the selection for you. In addition, we can send you the 2D/3D models for quick integration into your application.