Low & High Voltage Integrated Brushless Drive

DUET, DUET AD And DUET FLEXI; Low Voltage Integrated Brushless Drive

Cutting edge technology for decentralized architecture: drive integrated servomotor DUET series is the result of the wide-ranging experience that Motor Power Company has built over 30 years as marketing oriented player in the motion control market, gathering exceptional expertise in understanding and fulfilling customer needs. Everything you need far moving and controlling an axis is built directly into these highly compact single component: servomotor, feedback and intelligent servo drive featuring CANopen or Ethercat networking.

Either Duet, Duet AD and Duet Flexi include user friendly software tools enabling easy set up and tuning, ensure huge room saving in cabinet along with cables cutback between motor and drive and offer fast connectivity with plug in power connectors.

Features And Benefits:

– Synchronous brushless servomotor,
– Permanently excited
– Built-in 0/GITAL drive
– Rated output power from 60W 10 520W
– Supply voltage 48 VDC
– Maximum servomotor speed up 10 5000RPM
– Torque, velocity and position mode
– User programmability
– Insulation class F (155 °C}
– IP 65 on motor body
– RAL 9005 black powder coating
– Shaft balancing class G 2,5 according ISO1940
– Built-in feedback 2 poles resolver, absolute multiturn encoder (hiperface), incremental encoder, absolute single turn encoder
– Optional electromagnetic permanent – holding brake. Zero backlash
– Optional shaft sealing

DUET HV; High Voltage Integrated Brushless Drive

DUET HV is the new high voltage DUET series, a line consisting of brushless servomotor with integrated drive – featuring models from 1,3 to 14Nm – incorporating as well absolute encoder for uncompromised precision in positioning.

This device can either work via Ethercat connectivity through the control of a master controller or as a stand alone unit wherever synchronized motion between axes is not mandatory for application operation. When used in this configuration, DUET HV can manage machine cycle with its internal PLC. Full programmability allows to perform application in a very efficient way and permits the creation of sophisticated architectures with complex trajectories, allowing decentralized motion distribution and high optimization in cabling and cabinet design.

Duet HV Features And Benefits:

– Synchrone borstelloze servomotor met permanent magneten
– Nominale voeding 560 VDC
– Houdkoppel 1,3 – 2,8 – 4 – 5,6 – 8 – 14 Nm
– Nominaal toerental 3.000rpm
– Absolute multi- en single-turn encoder
– STO SiL 3 (Safe Torque Off)
– IP65-bescherming
– Optionele interne rem
– Geïntegreerde verplaatsingsfuncties: DS402 device profile, interpolatiemodus, positionering, gearing, homing, capture
– Te programmeren conform IEC 61131 standaard, ST-taal
– Capture input
– PC-user interface voor parametriseren
– I2t, Overbelastings-, kortsluitings-, over temperatuur-, overspanningsbeveiliging
– Optioneel: kabels
– Geïntegreerde I/O’s:
– 4 universele digitale ingangen 24 VDC, configureerbaar als PSTOP, NSTOP, enable, home, capture, step/direction
– 3 universele digitale uitgangen 24 VDC 250 mA
– 2 digitale ingangen 24 VDC of 1 RTO OUT
– 1 digitale IN/OUT 24 VDC (te configureren)
– 3 differentiële I/O’s configureerbaar als primaire incrementele encoder of als absolute encoder ingang
– Encoder emulatie-uitgang
– Auxiliary rs485
– I/O-uitbreidingspoort
– 1 analoog IN ± 10V