Motion Control for pharmaceutical inspection and packaging machinery

Motor Power Company automation products are designed and manufactured to create specific solutions, with very high dynamics and flexibility, compact and cutting-edge design, which look to energy saving. The motors of Motor Power Company are successfully used in machines for filling, inspecting, capping, labelling and packaging.

The SKA DDR directly driven motors are the perfect answer for applications within these different areas of the pharmaceutical sector and other packaging machinery.

Gearless powerful solution with higher position accuracy

Direct drive technology is what sets SKA DDR synchronous multi-pole brushless torque servo motors apart. Unprecedented performance in terms of torque and acceleration. These motors give far better results and accuracy than could possibly be achieved with conventional alternatives with power transmission systems like gearboxes, belts, pulleys, etc. Versatility is guaranteed due to combination of space-saving of Frameless motors and ready-to-use advantages of Power Pack configurations. The ability to maximise the benefits of mechanical integration makes these high performance torque motors ideal for technological automation upgrades.

The SKA DDR series means high performances, system design simplification, lower noise, cost reduction, mechanical transmission elimination.

SKA DDR direct drive torque servo motors – Characteristics:

  • 2 Nm to 760 Nm rated torque
  • Thermal circuit breaker PT 1000
  • NdFeB magnets
  • Insulation class F
  • IP65 protection rating (Power Pack version)
  • Transducers: resolver, incremental and absolute encoders, Hall effect sensors
  • The Power pack version of SKA DDR torque motors comes complete with flange, bearings, and transducer with aluminium cover and dedicated connections.
  • Available in hollow shaft, solid shaft and hollow through shaft versions

Would you like to read more about the SKA DDR? Download here the brochure.

Motor Power Company proposes not just components but complete motion solutions, combining direct drive motors with a series of drives with high flexibility and exceptional capabilities in a wide range of applications. Would you like to know more about Motor Power Company or their valuable contribution in the pharmaceutical sector? Click here for more information.