Micro Drives

We need drives to power our engines. A drive is used for starting and stopping the motor, selecting forward or backward rotation, selecting and controlling speed, controlling or limiting torque, determining the position and protecting against overload and electrical interference. In short, if you want control over your motor, in speed, position or torque control, you need a drive.

So in every application where there is a motor, you can find a type of drive, whether it is controlling your AGV or moving a robot arm. When working with these types of applications, you can benefit from a small lightweight micro drive that can power a large motor. Micro drives have the reputation of having only low power, but reality has since overtaken that assumption!

The Advantages of Micro Drives

Micro drives are usually more efficient in space and weight. These advantages enable the engineer to make different decisions in a design.

For example:

  • Fewer cables due to the implementation of micro drives on motors or joints. This reduces the risk of interference from external sources.
  • Less volume & less weight to handle.
  • Longer operation at constant energy level with battery power.
  • Less mass to take into account for highly dynamic applications.
  • Less weight for wearables.
  • Smaller footprint.
  • Easy to implement in small places, e.g. a pressure chamber in a submarine.
  • Good implementation possibilities in portable applications.

Areas of application

  • Transport
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Medical sector
  • Building automation
  • Agriculture
  • Demanding environments
  • Training and Engineering

What Can Eltrex Motion Mean For You?

Eltrex Motion can help you choose the micro drive that suits you best. Our product specialists and engineering team can help you select, program and configure the drives for your specific application. We represent several brands that make micro drives. Because every application is different, with its own technical challenges, we take the time to discuss these with the customer. After mapping out all wishes and requirements, we can advise customers on which products are technically and commercially suitable for the application. If the application is so unique that none of the brands can offer a solution, Eltrex Motion can design a customer-specific drive. Our engineering team has the knowledge and experience to design micro drives that can be used without software.

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