Linear motion bearings are applied for straight-line movements in various applications. The choice of the type lower depends on the force play of the load that works on the bearing and whether it is a positioning or transport application. A positioning application involves precision and rigidity of the arrangement. On the other hand, a transport application is about speed and accuracy.

Lineaire lagers

This type of bearing is available in various versions.

  • Round axles with plain bearings
  • Round axles with Ball Screw Buses
  • Round axles with roller bearings
  • Spline shafts with Ball Screw Buses
  • Profiled rail guides with 4-row Ball Screw Carriages
  • Profiled rail guides with 4-row Ball Screw Carriages
  • Miniature profiled rail guides with 2-row Ball Screw Carriages


Thomson is the inventor of the Ball bushing bearing and is the world leader in linear, frictionless Round Rail and ball and roller bearings. With this knowledge a number of series linear guides and linear systems have been developed.

Voordelen van de Thomson Linear oplossingen

  • Short delivery times
  • High bearing numbers
  • Economically priced
  • Replacement for industry standard versions
  • Custom versions of standard products is routine