A stepper motor, also called a stepper, is a brushless synchronous electric motor. A stepper motor has the unique feature that a complete rotation is divided into a number of equal steps, where the angular distortion has a fixed value, for example 1.8 ° or 0.9 ° per step.

Stepper motors deliver a relatively high torque at low rpm, even at total downtime. This is called the hold torque (holding torque) and with this the stepper motor can also be used as a brake in certain cases. All this makes stepper motors very suitable for positioning applications with low rpm and high torque. In addition, we can also apply a stepper motor in servo step mode, where we still maintain the aforementioned specific advantages, without loss of the increments also in the higher RPM range, lower temperature, et cetera.


  • High torque at low rpm
  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to apply and manage
  • Low-cost technology with huge potential


  • Low torque at high rpm
  • Vibration, partly remedy by micro stepping

Variations & Features

  • Hybrid stepper Motor; In principle equal to PM steppers, however, of better quality. Equipped with of better bearings, coils, etc., for higher power density and better positioning accuracy.
  • PM Stepper Motor; This is a permanent magnet stepper motor, better known as ‘ tin-can ‘ steppers. Compact low-cost steppers with less power and lower accuracy.
  • 3-Phase Stepper motor
  • Various wrapping versions, and steering options, bipolar or unipolar
  • Dimensions of NEMA8 upto NEMA42 and usually available in at least three different stack lengths.
  • Open loop or closed loop control M.G.V. feedback systems.
  • Step sizes of 0.9 °, 1.8 °, 7.5 ° and 15 °.
  • Micro stepping for vibration suppression and fluid movements.
  • Various IP classes up to IP67

Application Fields

  • Pharmaceutical and medical sector
  • Robotic
  • Semiconductor, lithography and pick-and place systems
  • Entertainment and digital signage, art and new media
  • Horti-and agro-technology
  • CNC, metal and woodworking
  • Material Handling and packaging industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical Industry