Linear Drive in the Agricultural Industry

Economical – Compact – Simple – Reliable

In the agricultural sector, we increasingly see applications with electric drive instead of pneumatic or hydraulic systems. It is understandable really, when you realise that in many cases the power of the electric motors is not inferior to the aforementioned systems and offers many advantages.

The main advantage of electrical systems is that they are significantly more energy efficient. They are easier to use because less piping is required. This also saves on design and manufacturing costs. It is also much easier to provide feedback with regard to good positioning.

With pneumatic systems you soon run into the fact that a lot of piping and a central compressor are required. In addition, the air used must be conditioned and moisture-free, which requires additional facilities. Today’s electric drives hold up well in a rough, humid environment and take up significantly less space.

The greatest risk with hydraulic systems is the possibility of leaks, for example when connecting implements to a tractor. Not only is it undesirable to have these on land, for example, they also require extra maintenance. This is difficult enough due to the often complex piping. Electrically driven systems are easy to connect using robust connectors. In addition, the reliability of electrical systems is high and there are hardly any failures.

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