We are engineers at heart and strive to continuously keep our knowledge up-to-date and improve it. Through training, education, fairs, seminars, etc. we are constantly looking for innovations that will help our customers develop. We not only share this knowledge when starting up and supervising motion projects, but also through our Tech Forum, set up for and by engineers. In addition to our forum, you will also find a wealth of documentation from our partners and interesting blogs written by our engineers.

Design & Prototyping

Engineering is at the heart of Eltrex Motion. Our engineers are involved from the design and prototyping phase of the customer application. We provide input, look for the right solution and offer the possibility to test and evaluate possible solutions. If desired, we also develop customer-specific components, such as a custom PCB if no standard solution is available.

Clients engage us to evaluate existing motion applications where changing circumstances present new challenges. Together with the client, we make analyses and look for the best possible solution. Of course, our specialists can also be deployed for other motion issues. Feel free to contact them. They can be reached by calling +31 76 789 0030.

Engineering Portal

We gather a lot of knowledge in the field of motion and are happy to share this knowledge with our customers. On our Tech forum, for engineers by engineers, we offer Eltrex Motion customers exclusive access to this knowledge. We have three sections on this portal, namely the FAQ, a Knowledge Base and the Tech Forum. In the FAQ, we place questions from our regular customers. The Knowledge Base is an ever-growing collection of knowledge documents and manuals, which are regularly updated.

We have set up the interactive Tech Forum for specific questions. Not only can our specialists answer your questions on the forum, but you or other member engineers can also post answers or respond to questions. In addition, you will regularly find blogs on this portal, covering various technical topics.