Categorieën binnen Kabelkettingen & Tandriemen

Eltrex Motion offers a wide variety of (cable) chains, timing belts, chain wheels and timing belt pulleys. The cable chains and timing belts consist of thermally hardeneded polyurethane with single or double stainless steel core wires.

Kabelketting & Tandriem

The result is a lightweight self-lubricating plastic cable chain and timing belt which are delivered in non finite lengths or at any desired length (on the roll). Assistive tools provide you with the option to create any desired belt length on location. The series of stainless steel chains with a guaranteed long life span and high tensile strength are available in various sizes.

Tandriempulleys en Kettingwielen

Associated timing belt pulleys and chain wheels are available in stainless steel, aluminum and plastic with bores ranging from 1/8 “(3mm) to 1/2” (12 mm) with a maximum number of 300 teeth.