Electric Actuators

Electric drives are cost-more effective than their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts. Electric drives are cleaner, simpler and more energy efficient compared to power transmission. The integration of a linear actuator is simple with the help of a programmable control, where maintenance is minimised.

Industrial linear actuators are available in voltages of 12, 24, 36 VDC or 115, 230, 400 VAC. A linear actuator is excellent for applications in agriculture, construction, mining, adjustable seats, bonnets, doors, lids, throttles, medical equipment, fitness equipment, office furniture etc…

Precision Linear Actuators

The PC (Precision Linear) series Electric actuators are designed for superior performance. You save time and money by using the easy dimensioning tool during the engineering phase and the quick installation.

  • Plug and Play Assembly
  • Applicable with more than 600 types and sizes of engines

Due to the exceptional power density of the PC series, you can build a quieter and more compact machine.

Lifting column

Lifting columns are self-supporting, and of course height-adjustable. These units are specially designed for a variety of industrial applications, such as work tables, conveyor belts, chargers/unloaders, etc. The hight setting capabilities of these lifting COLUMNSS are well-designed to meet the needs of ergonomic requirements in the workplace.