We are Eltrex Motion.

We know and understand the latest developments in motion control and ensure that we are always up to date. We are delighted to talk to you about the best possible solutions. You are on the move, adjusting to tomorrow’s demand. Just like us.

How can we best serve you?

Our core values
Environmental awareness

Changed the world around. Standards, requirements and specifications change with it. We are aware of this. We are interested in you and your customers and translate your questions into possible solutions.


We will investigate your questions and ask you counter questions in order to arrive at an optimal solution. This can be at the technical level, but also in the economic field. What is ultimately best for you and your customers.

Work together

We would be happy to work with you on any question or problem statement. Simply because the sum of the parts adds up always more than any part separately. The key to us and therefore your success is cooperation.

Focus on the result

We will continue to search for the solution, result-driven as we are. We also want to go outside the common paths, so that We can reach that optimal solution. The result should be good for you and for us.

With what can we support you?

We are happy to support you with:
  • Our account managers, your contact within our company where you can ask for everything;
  • Our product managers, technically strong and specialist knowledge of our products;
  • Our application engineering team, for every demand in the field of motion control both on mechanical, motor or electronic plane. They are waiting for you;
  • Our Technical forum, so you can contact our application engineering team directly.