Eltrex Motion - Precisie in Positionering

Precision in Positioning

Accuracy & control

Accurate and controlled positioning is increasingly a requirement for applications involving motors and drivers. In various industries, the development of an application that offers the highest possible reliability is a requirement. This can prevent errors on the work floor. In addition, there is a strong demand for increasing automation in order to reduce the workload and to increase and guarantee the quality of processes.

Proven technology & specific customisation

Eltrex Motion offers total drive concepts based on the combination of proven technology & specific customisation. The technical knowledge of our own application engineers and the collaboration with reputable partners enable Eltrex Motion to provide customers with input and advice to find the right motion control solution. This personal approach ensures a very precise fit with the requirements of the application. With a wide range of certified and high-quality products from various manufacturers, Eltrex Motion can provide solutions for applications where extremely accurate positioning is key.

Applications & markets

Precision positioning applies to applications in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical markets, among others. In these markets, it is important to create an application that is safe to use with patients and complies with (international) requirements and medical certifications. In addition, hygiene and the prevention of contamination play an important role. Eltrex Motion facilitates the creation of working prototypes with the integration of motion applications into applications and ensures that the application is tested for functional reliability before it is put into ‘the field’. Eltrex also tries to design the control very close to the movement, because this simplicity ensures fewer points of failure. Naturally, these solutions are fully documented, including traceability and revision management.

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