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Linear Drive

Linear motion applications are found all over the place these days. They vary from relatively simple systems, such as low-cost seat actuators in passenger cars to complex multi-axle systems, complete with steering for e.g. closed-loop controls.
No matter how simple or complex the linear motion system, at the most basic level they all have one thing in common. Moving an object or load over a linear distance in a given amount of time, using a linear guide and a linear drive to control movements with different variables and complexity.

In other words, everything that has to go in a straight line is a linear movement. Eltrex answers all your questions about linear drives, both simple and complex. Our product specialists will help you quickly convert your design into the best possible solution, from design, through prototyping and testing to the final product.

Examples of Linear Applications:

Medical Sector

In the medical sector, special requirements are placed on the applications they use. Hygiene, precision, dust and water resistance are just a few of these. Some medical applications are treatment tables, X-ray equipment, MRI and CT scanners and dental chairs.

Laboratory Automation

More and more applications are being automated in laboratories as well. This requires great precision and a high degree of control, because the smallest deviations can have a major impact on the results of tests and other applications.

Buildings and Furniture

You will find many linear movements in shops, luxury yachts, hotels, museums and theatres. But at home, you will also find applications such as height adjustment of worktops in the kitchen or height-adjustable desks.

Linear motion applications can be found everywhere in the aerospace industry. Aircraft seats, appliances and equipment used at airports, as well as extraction of extendable components in aircraft.

Packaging and Industry

Linear motion may be required for load positioning, palletising, packing, pick-and-place operations, filling operations and automated warehouses. But you also come across many linear movements in industry, such as cutting machines and paint mixing machines.

Agricultural Industry

Linear applications are also widely used in the agricultural world. That is mostly hydraulics, but there is an increasing demand for electrical solutions. They are used, for example, for height adjustments to harvest the crop at the right height, to fold e.g. field sprayers or to control the dosage for fertilizer spreaders.

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