Mechanical Components

Choosing the right mechanical components for your machine is quite complex. You should consider factors such as load, safety requirements, desired efficiency, wear and heat development.

Eltrex Motion knows like no other where a mechanical component must meet in a specific situation. As a distributor of many leading brands, we are an expert in the field of mechanical components for devices and machines.

From the design stage we can advise you in the selection of components and integrate them into your final product. Or even take care of the complete solution from concept to commissioning.

Product Offering

We have a wide range of mechanical components that includes:

  • Bearings. Bearings are very important for an efficient and safe operation of a machine. Many factors must be taken into account when selecting the type of bearing. Consider the load (radial, axial or a combination), the application, the available space for the bearing and specific requirements in terms of rigidity, accuracy, precision and sound. Of course, the costs must be correct.
  • Spindles. A similar complexity applies to spindles used to convert a rotating into a linear motion or vice versa. There are several types of spindles with varying characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. For example, ball screws usually offer high linear accuracy and efficiency, while trapezoidal spindles are a cost-effective solution.
  • Actuators and gears. The right actuators and gears allow for movements in the right order, at the appropriate time, with the desired speed, accuracy and reproducibility.

Fast Delivery

Due to good ties with suppliers we can deliver the products quickly at an attractive price. Of course we provide technical support where necessary. Would you like more information about our components? Please feel free to contact us.