Agri Automation

Digitisation and automation are increasing rapidly in the agricultural sector. This growth is mainly caused by growing staff shortages and an increased focus on sustainability. And the end of this growth is far from sight. One of these developments is far-reaching robotisation. A development that is also driven by the scarcity of personnel that is increasing labour costs. This offers many opportunities for manufacturers in the agritech market. But robotisation is only part of the developments that are taking place. In the field of mechanical engineering, we also see far-reaching improvements in the field of automation by making more use of smart and data-driven technology.

Sanovo puts packages in the right position with Eltrex motor set

‘We are striving for individual egg handling’
Sanovo’s egg grading machines can inspect and grade hundreds of thousands of eggs per hour and make sure that the eggs end up in the right packaging, while retaining the possibility of tracing the origin of each individual egg. Together with Eltrex Motion, Sanovo designed a new motor concept that ensures the packaging is always in the right position on the conveyor.

Munckhof electrifies fruit cultivation machines

‘Electric motors provide more comfort’
Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators ‘ harvesting and spraying machines drive through orchards worldwide. A traditional internal combustion engine drives most machines. “But the electric motor is definitely the future as far as we are concerned,” says Tom Verhaegh, an engineer at the machine builder in Horst, Limburg. Together with sparring partner Eltrex Motion, Munckhof is exploring the possibilities of electrification.

Bercomex processes cut flowers with Moons-motors from Eltrex

‘Our processes require precise control”
Processing thousands of unsorted cut flowers every hour into beautiful bouquets, without damaging a single stem. “This requires stepper and servo motors with which you can control the process up to the millimetre”, says Bas van der Werf, Manager Software Engineering at Bercomex. With the help of Eltrex Motion, Bercomex developed a solution that treats the flowers with great precision.

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