Beating heart

A motor is the beating heart of a device or machine. Performance and accuracy depend on it. The selection of the right motor is therefore crucial.

Eltrex Motion will gladly advise you on the best motor for your application. We can also integrate the motor into the finished product or even take care of the complete solution from concept to commissioning. You can also contact us for add-ons. In fact, we offer a wide range of gearboxes, feedback systems, peripherals and instruments.

Large offering

In the field of motors, our offer is very large. For example, you can choose from integrated motors, stepper motors, brushless motors and servo motors. Each type of motor has its own advantages and disadvantages. Aspects such as performance, reliability and longevity can vary considerably by type and model.

The scope also plays a part in the choice. For example, a motor for an assembly robot in a car factory must meet totally different requirements than a motor in a coffee machine. We would be happy to advise you.