Schok absorberende koppelingen

These are a combination of flexible and elastic plastic holders with enclosed connecting hubs. Characteristic of this is the damping of vibrations and shocking loads as well as the electrical insulation of the axles to be connected. Maintenance free, even round loop and without moving parts.

The Neo-Flex type is available with adjustable screws or clamp ring. Maximum angle rotation error 1 °, maximum parallel alignment error 0.15 mm.

Koppelingen voor correctie van grote uitlijningsfouten

In particular, the Flex-Thane and Flexible Shaft Couplings are ideally suited for the recording and correction of large lateral and angular alignment errors. The flexible shaft consists of a high-quality carbon steel, wrapped on extremely modern winding machines.

Continuous operation in a single direction of rotation is the selection criterion for this type of coupling.

Koppelingen voor correctie van uitlijningsfouten

The axially moving core element of these couplings compensates for angular and lateral alignment errors. They are corrosion best thing and need no lubrication.

Encoder- of resolver koppelingen

The couplings which are intended for placement between actuator and feedback mechanism combine a large torsional stiffness with a minimal (zero) clearance. These couplings are the ideal solution in applications where a high degree of positioning accuracy is required at a constant speed. Especially when feedback from encoders and resolvers.
The one-piece Helix coupling is available with a single, triple or sixfold spiral groove and offer the designer the most spacious design criteria. Available in stainless steel, aluminium and delrin. This same group includes the “Wafer Spring” couplings and the bellows and shaft couplings.