Hoge efficiƫntie

A planetary gear, sometimes also called epicyclic gear, works according to the planetary wheel mechanism. A planetary gearbox consists of a solar wheel, several planetary wheels and a satellite wheel, where one of the three is fixed and the other two gears move. One set of solar wheel, planetary wheels and satellite wheel is a step or stage. The more internships, the greater the possible reduction ratio and the more planetary wheels per stage, the greater the power transmission can be.

Voordelen planeetwielen

  • High power density and force transmission
  • Uniform Distribution of Forces
  • High efficiency, losses usually lie on 3 {e65dbe2062fe22c6bb4e101c6a8bc9461e141c3a60762ef3ae68342553e91163} or less per internship
  • Low clearance, high accuracy
  • Large reduction possible in a compact building form

Nadelen planeetwielstelsel

  • Usually more expensive than spur-gear or worm gear delays