Laboratory Automation

Eltrex Motion offers a wide range of motors, however some customers are looking for a motor with some special requirements. These questions are sometimes the most challenging ones, but might bring great results when we find a customized solution which can solve their problem.

Redesigning Pick-And Place Application

An example of a challenging customer problem was the one in the laboratory business, where a pick- and place application needed to be redesigned.
In the past pneumatic and belt driven actuators where used for this application. Nevertheless pneumatic requires an entire infrastructure which consist of a compressor, pipes, valves, etc. In addition pneumatics and belt driven actuators are relative slow, especially for pick- and place applications. The pneumatics needed to be completely eliminated. This is the main reason why the customer was looking for new ways to optimize their machines.

Creative Process

To be able to develop the most suitable solution for every customer, Eltrex Motion wants to understand the problem of the customer. Therefore we will visit the company and have a look at the current situation and application. Together with the customer we will collect all the needs, wishes and requirements regarding the application. The most important changes about the pick-and place application are the following:

– The drive solution needs to be more compact and faster
– Position and force control is needed to handle the tubes and liquid samples
– Low voltage solution for safety reasons
– Format change: different tube dimension, different pick and place positions

NiLAB especially designed a miniature linear motor, which would fit into the compact application. By using a linear motor instead of pneumatic and belt driven actuators, the machine is able to work faster and with more efficiency due to the position and force control.

Are you looking for a motion solution? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our engineering team would like to get in touch to come up with the best fit for your application.