Big power in a compact package for your toughest applications

NEW Electrak® MD smart electric linear actuators featuring outstanding power density while withstanding the toughest conditions

Designed as a smaller sibling to the popular Electrak HD actuator, new Electrak MD smart electric linear actuators pack a big punch relative to their compact size and dutifully perform in the harshest environments without the need for service or maintenance. The actuator features class-leading power density. It can handle loads up to 2000 N (450 lbs), making it an ideal option to replace both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in many applications.

  • PLC Controllability. Onboard controls open the door to a wide range of possibilities, including CAN bus options and low-level switching with or without position feedback.
  • Bar-Setting Reliability. 25+% longer life (on fully loaded 1 kN, 300 mm model) than competitive models.
  • Enviable Strength. 10+% higher power density (on the 1 kN model) than the competition

Where does the Electrak MD perform at its best

Applications - Smart Logistics

Electrak® MD actuators are ideal in smaller-space, mobile, low-duty applications that are being electrified, such as AGVs and logistics trains where larger actuators are difficult to use, and pneumatics or hydraulics are nearly impossible. Electrak MD is also a good fit in equipment used to control the flow of materials or to feed/ empty machines or storage shelves.

Applications - Smart Packaging

Modern packaging machines need to be quick to set up and adjust easily to be able to run different package sizes. The duty cycle requirements in this type of application are typically low, while maintaining position when moving and holding must be easy to control. The robust and weather-proof Electrak® MD actuator, with its onboard electronics, is an ideal fit for these types of tasks.

Applications - Smart Agriculture, Gardening and Landscaping

The roots of the Electrak® MD reside in our ongoing commitment to develop the highest-quality mobile off-highway actuators on the market. Smarter controls, lower energy consumption and stronger performance result in more efficient use of seed, water and fertilizers, more precise plowing, thinning and harvesting, and improved ergonomics, safety and fuel costs.