Coming Soon - Platinum Cimbasso

Smallest High Voltage Servo Drives

The Platinum Cimbasso is a high power density Servo Drive providing top performance, Functional Safety, advanced networking, as well as a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence.

Platinum drives provide an unmatched solution for applications requiring the highest-quality of motion and performance, in medical, robotics, material handling, semiconductor, laser processing, printing, and inspection, as well as for other applications in varied industries.

Main features:

• Up to 32KW, 800VDC
• Ultra-Fast EtherCAT Networking
• Integrated Safe I/Os (2 SIL3 inputs + 2 STO hardware inputs + SIL3 break outputs)

The Cimbasso Servo drive is easily set up and tuned using the Elmo Application Studio (EASII) software tools, now available in both 32bit and 64bit versions. As part of the Platinum product line, it is fully programmable with the Elmo motion control language. It is available in a variety of options. There are multiple power rating options, two different communications options, a variety of feedback selections and I/O configuration possibilities.

Download the datasheet for more information.

Download: Download: Elmo - Datasheet Platinum Cimbasso Digital Servo Drive