Torque limiter SecMatic Plus Type 588 of Mönninghoff

The SecMatic Plus torque limiter is specially designed to protect and meet the high values of high-tech machines and systems. The torque guarantees a long-life cycle and is transmitted without backlash. It provides a high functional reliability.

Curious what happens when the torque is overloaded?

If the torque faces an overload event, the toothed ring is moved axially towards spring. From a specific predefined point on, the belleville spring changes direction of its force. The face gear will be completely disengaged and the clutch operates without reengaging. Afterwards the face gear can be reengaged manually.

Mönninghoff engineers can adjust and design this torque limiter according to the demands of any special application. If you are facing challenging requirements? Please try us and get in touch!

In its standard version the SecMatic Plus Type 588 features:

  • backlash-free torque transmission
  • extremely high switching accuracy for static and dynamic loads
  • high speeds caused by free release design
  • long life cycle and high functional reliability due to special coating of toothing
  • maintenance-free
  • compactness allows easy integration
  • safe due to sealed design
  • fixed engagement position can manually be reengaged after overload only in original position

Would you like to read more information about the SecMatic Plus torque limiter?

Download: Click here to download the datasheet.