North Atlantic Industries

Accelerate Your Time-to-Mission

With the products of North Atlantic Industries Inc. Eltrex Motion is able to offer a broad range of instruments, such as multi-function single-board computers, embedded I/O cards, rugged subsystems and power supplies, as well as motion simulation and measurement instrumentation. NAI supplies a very wide range of standard off-the-shelf products, but also offers the possibility to customize these products to customer specifications. All embedded products are available with passive or inductive cooling and for a standard or extended temperature range. The instruments are suitable for the toughest conditions and even certified for military use and application in aviation.

North Atlantic Industries Inc. is best known for its benchtop and VXI instruments, including a wide range of motion simulation and measurement instruments suitable for the aerospace, military, industrial and medical industries. NAI’s instruments have proven themselves in practice over many years of use, have become the industry standard for motion measurement equipment and provide the best performance for the industry:

  • Synchro Angle Positioning Indicators (API)
  • Phase Angle Voltmeters (PAV)
  • Synchro/Resolver Simulators (SRS)
  • Phase Measurement Instruments (PMI)
  • Calibration Instruments (CI)
  • VXI Instruments (SRS, 2- en 3-wire LVDT/RVDT simulation, PAV)

Key features

  • Innovative circuit and PCB design
  • Extreme accuracy, speed and repeatability
  • Ultimate programmability and reliability


  • Design, simulation and production test environments
  • Calibration of air, ground and maritime systems such as navigation, signal distribution and firefighting systems
  • LVDT/RVDT simulation and test systems

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